Monday, June 6, 2016

Plum Point Bend - Part I: The Union

A multi-part series for my first foray into 1/1200 Civil War naval gaming....

I have settled on the Battle of Plum Point Bend as the basis for for my Civil War naval gaming.  

While the new range of Thoroughbred 1/1200 scale American Civil War vessels is currently a scattered mix of brown water and coastal offerings at the moment, I do want to start focusing my efforts on the first project I will work on using these ships and Smoke on the Water rules.  I have already purchased seven Cairo class ironclad gunboats from Thoroughbred, and using these as the basis for scenarios, will start a Plum Point Bend project.  Plum Point Bend sees six Cairos in action (Mound City, Carondelet, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cairo, and the St. Louis). Of course I am going to need a lot of other ships for this battle, and there are other companies offering some proxies for the various Confederate gunboats and the USS Benton, but I would hate buying other ships to only replace them in the future with further release from Thoroughbred.  I do have a few of the Titan resin ships, and they are rather inexpensive if I need to purchase more to fill in any holes until Thoroughbred releases the appropriate castings.  I would need to pick up their Benton, and that would complete the Union vessels needed for Plum Point Bend.
Titan's USS Benton


  1. Why not get some of Rod Langtons 1/1200 models to compliment your Thouroughbreds? The detail on Rod's models is excellent, they should fit in well with each other

    1. Hi David - A coupe of is shipping cost as I do not believe there is a US distributor for Langton (I could be incorrect) and I really want to have all my forces from one manufacturer. With the Titan vessels, they are cheap enough that I could use them until Thoroughbred gets around to making all the ships needed. But I do agree, Langton look nice...I may give them a look over! Thanks!


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