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I have a small corner shop on Wargame Vault where I sell a set of rules and flags for the Legion of the United States. The rules, entitled Our Moccasins Trickled Blood, have sold decently well over the years, and are quite affordable. One day I hope to offer a full blown version of the rules, with scenarios and maps, but it is the lack of good map-making software that has kept me from accomplishing that goal thus far.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Plum Point Bend - Part I: The Union

A multi-part series for my first foray into 1/1200 Civil War naval gaming....

I have settled on the Battle of Plum Point Bend as the basis for for my Civil War naval gaming.  

While the new range of Thoroughbred 1/1200 scale American Civil War vessels is currently a scattered mix of brown water and coastal offerings at the moment, I do want to start focusing my efforts on the first project I will work on using these ships and Smoke on the Water rules.  I have already purchased seven Cairo class ironclad gunboats from Thoroughbred, and using these as the basis for scenarios, will start a Plum Point Bend project.  Plum Point Bend sees six Cairos in action (Mound City, Carondelet, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cairo, and the St. Louis). Of course I am going to need a lot of other ships for this battle, and there are other companies offering some proxies for the various Confederate gunboats and the USS Benton, but I would hate buying other ships to only replace them in the future with further release from Thoroughbred.  I do have a few of the Titan resin ships, and they are rather inexpensive if I need to purchase more to fill in any holes until Thoroughbred releases the appropriate castings.  I would need to pick up their Benton, and that would complete the Union vessels needed for Plum Point Bend.
Titan's USS Benton


  1. Why not get some of Rod Langtons 1/1200 models to compliment your Thouroughbreds? The detail on Rod's models is excellent, they should fit in well with each other

    1. Hi David - A coupe of reasons...one is shipping cost as I do not believe there is a US distributor for Langton (I could be incorrect) and I really want to have all my forces from one manufacturer. With the Titan vessels, they are cheap enough that I could use them until Thoroughbred gets around to making all the ships needed. But I do agree, Langton look nice...I may give them a look over! Thanks!


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