Items for Sale

Terms - PayPal preferred.  U.S. buyers only.  Prices include shipping.  I usually mail the Saturday following payment receipt date.  Contact Darryl at preds81.ds@gmail.com if you are interested.  

Fantassin (then Warmodelling, then Capitan Games) 15/18mm Spanish-American War, unpainted.  These are in half pack sizes which would run $2.30 each full retail.  11 packs, call it $15.00.
DN1 (1) - Spanish Fusilier (pack of 4)
DN4 (1) - Spanish Fusilier Command (pack of 3)
DN5 (1) - Spanish Cavalry (pack of 2)
DN9 (1) - Cuban infantry (pack of 4)
DN11 (1) - Cuban infantry (pack of 4)
DN14 (1) - Cuban cavalry (pack of 2)
DN15 (1) - Cuban cavalry command (pack of 2)
DN17 (1) - US infantry marching (pack of 4)
DN20 (1) - US infantry command (pack of 3)
DN21 (1) - US cavalry (pack of 2)
DN25c (1) - US infantry dead and wounded (pack of 4)

28mm Foundry (I believe) Vikings - Mix of civilians and fighters.  About 20 figures.  If Foundry would retail for the cost of your left arm, I will sell these for $25.00 (and will throw in some Foundry Blackfoot figures).

The 15mm Skraeling project - unpainted packs from Khurasan and Splintered Light for a project that will never see the light of Thor's day.  Splintered Light: two Skraeling warband packs, one pack of Dark Age villagers, one pack of elk, and one pack of wolves.  Khurasan:  Two packs of Bondi/Raiders infantry (code 1301), one pack of Bondi/Raiders archers (code 1302), and one pack of command (code 1304).  Retails for $68.00, sell for $35.00.

15mm Bloodaxe Hawaiian DBA army - unpainted DBA IV/12c mega mix with extra camp followers, priests, canoes.  Retails for $14.00, sell for $10.00 (and will throw in four packs of Mick Yarrow Inuits.

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