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I have a small corner shop on Wargame Vault where I sell a set of rules and flags for the Legion of the United States. The rules, entitled Our Moccasins Trickled Blood, have sold decently well over the years, and are quite affordable. One day I hope to offer a full blown version of the rules, with scenarios and maps, but it is the lack of good map-making software that has kept me from accomplishing that goal thus far.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Thoroughbred 1/1200 ACW Naval Releases!

I just came across this on The Miniatures Page, and I am stoked!  I will be certainly picking up a CSS Arkansas and a USS Neosho to go against my USS Cairo classes I have already purchased!  All of these look great, but I am trying to focus on brown water operations.

Toby is also running a deal with 10% off of orders greater than $50.00 and 15% off orders greater than $100.00.

Pictures from Thoroughbred

left to right - CSS Virginia, USS Canonicus, CSS Arkansas

left to right - CSS Richmond, USS Neosho, CSS Neuse

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