Legion of the United States Figures

The preferred figures based on accuracy are the 20mm (old school 20mm) offerings from Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated.  (See my post on Legion figures)  There are not a variety of poses, but for the most part they are historically the most accurate.  If Blue Moon would expand their range to include correct rifle, light, and artillery, then I would be very tempted to chuck the FP&BA figures and replace them exclusively with Blue Moon.  Until that time, this is what I have:

2 x Box 175 - Line Infantry
1.5 x Box 176 - Line Skirmishers
1 x Box 177 - Light Infantry
1 x Box 178 - Rifles
1 x Box 179 - Artillery
1 x Box 180 - Cavalry
6 x Legion Officer Mounted
1 x Box 105 - British or Continental Artillery Crews
1 x Box 117 - British 6 Pound Guns
1 x Box 130 - Frontier Mounted Militia
1 x Box 131 - Frontier Militia Infantry
4 x Box 132 - Woodland Indians
1 x Box 152 - French Style Caissons
1 x Box 153 - British Style Powder Carts
1 x Box 154 - Conestoga Wagons
1 x Box 155 - Baggage Carts
1 x Box 156 - British Style Wagons
1 x Box 158 - Team Horses and Drivers
1 x Box 211 - Frontier Militia Infantry
1 x Box 212 - Frontier Militia Mounted

Quite the list now that I have it together!  The Legion artillery crews are wearing the Legion round hat and come with two of the King's Howitzers.  As Wayne did have two 6 pound guns with him on the Fallen Timbers Campaign, and I am of the mind the Legion artillery looked more like their Continental fore-bearers, I picked up a couple of boxes from the FP&BA American Revolution range in order to provide 6 pound support and use the "correct" artillery uniforms.  There are several useful boxes from that range that one can use (as evidenced by the list above), and that is where one finds the Indians to face off against the Legion.

One can obtain a list of the entire range of Frying Pan & Blanket figures by clicking HERE to view a Word Doc on Google Drive,

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