Second Seminole War


Various documents I have are now on Google Drive.  This includes the old Frontier booklet expanded and reformatted in MS Publisher.  Link HERE.


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Code Description # of Packs
SM01 Seminole Warriors (includes escaped slaves) 23
SM02 Seminole Command 1
SM03 Early US Regular Infantry, Jacket, Advancing 7
SM04 Early US Regular Infantry, Shirt, Charging 7
SM05 Early US Regular Infantry Command 2
SM10 Early US Artillery Crew 1
SM11 6pdr Gun 1
SM12 US Limber, 6 Horse Team and Two Men 1
SM15 US Mounted Colonels 1


  1. You can certainly use any of my 15mm pics from flickr for your 2SW blog. I don't get to run many Seminole War games, but I did get one in earlier this year. Feel free to contact me via email also at mluthermanda at aol dot com.
    flickr link:
    Mark Luther

    1. Hi Mark - I have seen your gorgeous pictures from posts on The Miniatures Page...really excellent terrain! Thank you for permission to use some of your pics...I am certain I will do so on future posts!


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