Thursday, May 21, 2015

CincyCon - The Alamo

At the recent CincyCon convention held between Dayton and Cincinnati, Larry Reber from Gettysburg Soldiers was hosting a beautiful Alamo event.  I snapped a couple of pics for inspiration.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Smokey Roan's Buildings

The previous post about SmokeyRoan's buildings included a couple of pics taken by the man himself as I just couldn't wait to share the work he was completing for me.  But I wanted to give a mini-review and take a few snaps myself showing the size of the buildings compared to the Eureka figures so that folks could get an idea of scale and quality.

First, Smokey did come to me with the idea of making a few buildings.  Having seen comments by others on The Miniatures Page, I described to Smokey what I was looking for (small footprint but still large enough so as the figures would not dwarf the buildings).  He was extremely communicative during the process, proving process updates along the way.  And once he shipped the buildings, I had them in just a couple of days, as promised.

When I receive the box I thought there was no way there were buildings within as the box was super light!  Smokey makes these buildings using a foam board base, which is extremely light weight and I imagine fairly easy to create doors and windows with a sharp knife.  He then proceeds to add the little details that make the buildings so nice looking.

I have two dwellings, a cantina, and a church.  I would say Smokey knocked it out of the park with quality, price, and customer service.  The pictures show how nicely he captured the scale without creating gigantic playing pieces.  I HIGHLY recommend his building services.  You can contact Smokey via The Miniatures Page.

Smokey's buildings, Eureka figures, and Terrain Guy tile

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