Monday, May 21, 2018

The Spanish-American War Group

To the thousands of folks who follow this blog, I wanted to share once again that there is a Yahoo discussion group that covers Spanish-American War gaming.  Come join in the fun!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Legion of the United States - Time to Get Serious

It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite historical periods, right up there with the American Civil War.  However, while I have owned several boxes of the Legion of the United States figures from Frying Pan & Blanket for quite a number of years, that is all I have truly done with them, owned them.  They are still in their boxes.  I keep meaning also to pull out their Indians and compare them to the Blue Moon offerings - haven't done that either.  Until today....

I have to make a decision.  Either I am going to bite the bullet and get this project going with FP&BA figures, of which I have numerous, or I am going to sell them and buy the Blue Moon range.  There are advantages that the FP&BA figures hold over Blue Moon, mostly as FP&BA has a complete range of fairly accurate figures.  But their poses are dry, static even, and the Blue Moon offerings are rather animated and a bit smaller (see below about mounting ideas).  The edge in covering all the needed troops types goes to FP&BA.

Can the two ranges be mixed, using FP&BA to fill in the gaps?  Alas, I think not.  A comparison picture of Indians follows and for me, there is no way I would mix the FP&BA figures with Blue Moon.  Not only are they too drastic for me from a height differential, but also they seem to be very different in terms of heft and general style.  Okay, so mixing is out.

From left to right, an FP&BA figure then a Blue Moon, repeat, repeat
Next, determining a basing system has been considered in a previous post.  From my modifications for Gettysburg Soldiers, I want to go with a two up, two back mounting system for the American foot.  The infantry stands would be 3/4" wide by 1" deep (Indians most likely would be 1" square).  Trying to fit the FP&BA figures side by side on that size stand is a tight squeeze, tight enough for Blue Moon, but far tighter with FP&BA figures.  So, the edge goes to Blue Moon for basing, unless I use the standard Gettysburg Soldiers mounting convention, when then makes the choice of manufacturers moot.  I am also considering other rules, such as The British Are Coming, which then makes mounting a concern once again.

The limits of my artistic abilities, but you get the idea
Quality hands down goes to Blue Moon.  There is greater detail on the Blue Moon figures, which will make them easier to paint.  The FP&BA figures lack detail, which may lead to some guesswork when it comes to painting items such as turnbacks, cuffs, and straps.  Edge definitely goes to Blue Moon here.

Cost - Well, I already own a ton of FP&BA figures, and while I may need a few more boxes of Indians, the investment has pretty much been made.  Edge goes to FP&BA, unless I am able to sell my figures and replace them with Blue Moon. 

So, overall the edge currently goes to FP&BA, but I am leaning towards Blue Moon based on quality.  I guess it will depend if I can find a buyer for my FP&BA collection!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

1776 - The British Are Coming Rules Group

Just a reminder about this Yahoo group that covers The British Are Coming rules, along with their "father" set, 1776.  There are some variants (Fallen Timbers and Wabash orders of battle and unit ratings) and scenario information within the Files section of the group, along with copies of the charts to download. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Novus Design Studio - Russian Buildings

A few weeks ago I took advantage of a sale at Novus Design Studio for some resin 15mm Russian/Eastern European buildings.  Not 100% certain what I will use these structures for (see my Ambushed in the Alley blog for a couple of ideas), but I am a sucker for quality buildings, a sale, and buildings that have lift off roofs (a must for the amount of skirmish level gaming I want to do).  

The buildings are cast in high quality resin, no bubbles or incomplete casting.  They are fairly large buildings as well (the workshop for example is 4" square and 2.25" tall), which is even better for skirmish level gaming.

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