Friday, July 13, 2018

First Old Glory Order

New Orleans Greys - pic from Old Glory Miniatures website
I have purchased plenty of Old Glory figures in the past, just not using their online shop.  Today I decided to get my Big Hole project (called Small Pit due to its smallness in size) moving forward by ordering some Blue Moon infantry from their War Paint range to go against my Hovels Indians.  I decided that as I have a few projects on the burners (back and otherwise) that buying the army card was a wise decision, and so I also ordered a couple of packs of their Mad Anthony Wayne range (see my previous posts on the Legion of the United States) to see what they look like in the, and one pack of New Orleans Greys, just because I think they are cool (and could be used in some sort of ImagiNation setting).  We'll see in a future post how fast Old Glory ships as well as what the figures really look like in person.

Review - Brave Hearts Trembled: Regimental Wargame Scenarios for the Battle of Antietam

Through both my gaming interests and my annual pilgrimage to Chickamauga battlefield, I have had the fortune to meet Brad Butkovich, owner of Historic Imagination.  Along with being a miniatures gamer, Brad is also the author of two Civil War books (one on Pickett's Mill, the other on Allatoona - and I highly recommend contacting Brad to tour both locations).  When he offered to send me one of his most recent scenario booklet for review, I jumped at the chance as I already own his scenario books for Chickamauga and Pickett's Mill and know what quality work Brad puts into his scenarios.  His Antietam offering, Brave Hearts Trembled, continues this reputation combining quality scenarios with good production value.
  • Pages - 130+
  • Website - Historical Imagination
  • Two maps per scenario, one for setting up the terrain along with indications of photos, the other showing the terrain with initial troop deployment.
  • Photos, both modern and historic, along with depictions of the higher level commanders for each scenario.
  • Scenarios - A total of eight scenarios, with orders of battle in 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100 man figure scale.
  • How to Purchase - The booklet can be found on Amazon and Wargames Vault.  Pdf is $13.99 and print is $26.99.
I have not had the chance to game any of these actions, but a friend of mine put on a Shiloh game by combining two of Brad's smaller Shiloh scenarios, and the game went very well.

Spanish-American War - The Campaign System

In a previous post I mentioned using an old board game to help drive table top battles set in Puerto Rico.  The game I own is Remember the Maine, that was printed in Strategy & Tactics back in 1986.  Copies of the game can still be found at the online auction sites from time to time.  Pictures and assorted details are listed on BoardGameGeek

Infantry units are battalion/regimental level, there are rules for restricting beachhead limits and disease, as well as quality ratings.

I will need to pull them out of the gaming closet and give them a good read through to determine their suitability to running a Puerto Rico campaign.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Nez Perce - Forces Mounted

I took a little time last evening and worked on the Hovels Nez Perce figures for my Big Hole project.  I decided to go ahead and mount the figures on some thicker bases I had ordered by mistake from Litko (I typically like a thinner base).  I am hoping that using thicker bases for the Indians will not make them seem puny once I order the Blue Moon United States infantry.

With a couple of the sets I am creating mini-dioramas, such as my modeling skills will allow.  These stands will become some sort of objectives while enhancing the village scene a bit.

The Hovels Pony Wars figures are definitely an older range, being about 14mm sole to eye.  There is some variety in each pack, and the cost is certainly a positive consideration (only .32 cents per infantry figure).  Weapons are slim (no bazookas here), but a bit fragile.  The metal is soft and pliable.

The list of what Hovels figures I have as follows:

PW17 - Plains Indians mounted (with command)
PW19 - Plains Indians dismounted (with command)
PW20 - Plains Indians dismounted
PW21 - Dead Plains Indians
PW22 - Plains Indians smoke signal set
PW23 - Plains Indians village set
PW24 - Indian travois set
PW14 - Plains Indians tepees (I have ten total of these)

If you are looking to do some sort of pony wars project, you might consider the Hovels range.  They do offer U.S. cavalry as well, including some guy named Custer.
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