Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Back to the West

Picture from Hovels website
I have been getting motivated again to get my Pony Wars project rolling again.  I have some nice tepees and 15mm figures from Hovels...if you have not checked our their Pony Wars range do so.  While the figures are small 15mm, they are nicely animated and proportioned, and they are cheap (.34 cents per dismounted figure)!  Now, they will not blend with say a Blue Moon figure at all, and that is a bit of a dilemma for me as I want to buy some of the Blue Moon infantry to use for the Big Hole battle.  I cannot even get away with saying that Indians are shorter than whites when the opposite is true based on the research I have seen.  So I either need to use the dismounted cavalry figures from Hovels or go completely with Blue Moon.  Neither solution is ideal as I don't want to use cavalry figures for Big Hole when western infantry are available from Blue Moon, but I do want to use the Hovels Indians I already own.

I have been reading an account about the 11th Ohio Cavalry Regiment. They were a unit that was mostly sent out west to guard the Overland trails.  Within their ranks were galvanized Yankees, Confederates who decided to fight for the Union but in this case against Indians, not their former comrades.  The 11th Ohio was part of the 1865 Powder River Expedition and I need to do a bit of research to see if they were engaged in any skirmishes or engagements during that campaign (a first glance indicates no, but that won't stop me from coming up with something hypothetical).  Part of the 11th Ohio (newly raised companies later to be sent west of the Mississippi) defended Camp Dennison, a Civil War training camp and hospital, during John H. Morgan's Great Raid of 1863.  Camp Dennison is a twenty minute drive from my house, and while there is little to see of the Civil War era camp, it is still a cool location along the Little Miami River with a lot of history.

I have plenty of arid-type terrain in terms of rocky outcrops, etc., but would need to find some scrub bushes/trees a bit more appropriate than the numerous palm trees I have for the desert.  

As always, more on this as I move forward with this little project!


  1. The trouble I've had with Blue Moons is that they don't seem to blend well with anything -- even other Blue Moons! I bought some mounted 15/18 ACW officers to serve as extra leaders and they're giants -- mainly due to the size of their mounts, I think. They don't fit on their horses well either. Oh well. BM's Warpaint range is nice, but limited.

    1. For Big Hole most of the force will be dismounted so my Nez Perce project could be mostly done with Blue Moon. For something like the 11th Ohio, I guess Civil War figures would work with the Blue Moon Warpaint range.


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