Saturday, July 1, 2017

Well, I'll Be Legioned...

Dismounted militia - picture from Blue Moon site
After "complaining" in an older post that the Blue Moon 15/18mm range of Legion of the United States figures was far from complete, they went and released several new packs!  Huzzah!  But wait, the range isn't quite 100% complete nor accurate....

So, what has been added?  Riflemen, with what appears tomahawks, and that cursed spontoon/pike strapped across their back.  While Winkler's Fallen Timbers Osprey book might be illustrated with troops carrying that wretched thing, most likely it was not used in the field, or if it was, in limited numbers.  Okay, at least there are now riflemen.

Artillery, with King's Howitzers!  Okay, some question about the uniforms here as I am fairly convinced that the Legion artillerists were wearing Revolutionary War headgear, but I'll make do, and if need be, buy some Rev War figures to swap.

Mounted and dismounted Kentucky militia!  There are quite good and useful.  I like the fact they didn't try to put fringed hunting smocks on all the figures, but have them mostly in true frontier civilian clothing.  Good stuff here!

What's missing?  Light infantry and Legion high command.  Now, for the light infantry, just use American light infantry from the Rev War in the light infantry cap.  Done and done.  For high command, Wayne, and most likely Hamtramck and Wilkerson were wearing Rev War officer's uniforms, but the other Legion commanders would have been wearing the Legion headgear.  So a mixed bag of command would be quite useful.  In the interim, Rev War high command will have to do.

A big step forward for Blue Moon in completing this range.  Some tweaks and additions could make it the ideal Legion collection out there!
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