Friday, June 17, 2016

The Second Barbary Coast War

Time to get this project moving forward!  I have the terrain for North Africa, so just need to paint the figures and the Martello Tower from Thoroughbred and I can start hosting events.  So this weekend I spent getting the American Marines and their adversaries mounted onto 15mm round Litko bases in preparation for priming.  I am going to try a different method of painting these figures, taken from Legio Wargames, using a white primer (I usually go with black or dark gray) and the "secret ingredient" trick of washing the figure after priming and before base coating.  I typically prime, paint all areas, then wash.  I do not do outlining nor block painting, so attempting a new method is a bit daunting, but it will perhaps lead to a nicer looking figure.  Of course I will get a few pics posted on this painting process once I get to that point.

The American marines will look prim and proper in their navy blue jackets trimmed with red collar and cuffs and highlights of yellow braid, along with white pants, with reversed jacket colors for the drummers.  The Barbary pirates will be a mix of primary colors and I cannot wait to start painting them to see what I craziness I can create.

For rules I am still planning to do some sort of modification of Force on Force, but I am also willing to entertain suggestions.  Rules should cover morale, give different weapon ranges, use individually mounted figures, can handle large fortress guns (and eventually small ship bombardment), as well as house to house fighting (which is why I think Force on Force should work decently well).

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