Monday, June 13, 2016

Basing the Legion - Part I

As you can tell by the lack of specific focus on this blog, I do have a bit of a problem staying on task when it comes to the hobby.  There are so many cool periods and so many fine manufacturers of these cool periods it is difficult not to stop and go "oh, shiny."  I am guessing that many of you have this same syndrome.

Back to the Legion of the United States...I simply must get something rolling with this period as the uniforms scream "oh, shiny" and there are great possibilities for skirmish, quasi-skirmish, and battle gaming, against pretty darn good native forces, that it just begs to be gamed!  Plus, I live near many of the sites and can visit them to wax my interests when needed.  Road trip, anyone?

I have settled on using Gettysburg Soldiers for the rules, at least at the moment.  I even came up with mods for GS to game the Legion that can be found on the GS forum.  Rules?  Check!

To mount the Legion and their Indian enemies, I will need to consider the GS rules guidelines for mounting and see if they will work with the Frying Pan & Blanket figures I am going to use.  What are those guidelines?  As follows (from the GS forum):

The Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery bases in our personal collection all have one (1) inch wide frontage.  The depth of the bases depends on types of figures.  Infantry can be 1" x 1", Cavalry can be 1" x 1.25" to accommodate the horses, Artillery Limber with Horse Team might need 1" x 2.5".

Okay, that is simple enough, and very much like Fire and Fury, a set I use for the Civil War, but....I had proposed the following mounting for my 1794 modifications as I think two ranks of figures simply look better:

93. Infantry are mounted on a ¾” wide by 1” deep stand, with four figures (two in first rank and two in rear rank). Cavalry are mounted on a 1” wide by 1” deep stand, with two figures. No need for dismounted cavalry figures. Scales have not changed…one stand is still 50 men and one inch is still 25 yards.

I will have to pull out the figures to see what will fit on a stand and what does wind up looking better (leaning towards the two ranks of figures, but might have to go to a one inch square stand to make the figures fit).  

For the Natives, there are a ton of options.  I could go with a scattering of figures on a one inch square stand, or mount the Indians individually and use horde type movement trays, but then that would most likely cause a frontage issue.  For the Wabash and Fallen Timbers battles, the Indians used (or tried to use for the latter battle) a crescent formation...basically one long angled line.  I believe that best be suited by two figures on a stand, in a single, slightly non-straight, rank.

Stay tuned as I tinker with the figures this week and settle on a mounting system!  Regardless of size, I will be using Litko bases, most likely in the 1.5mm thick plywood they offer.

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