Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Anglo-Persian War - Part I - Initial Thoughts/Figures

I love colonial gaming, I just never seem to get around to doing any.  I have started and stopped so many colonial projects as to be ridiculous, yet I keep getting pulled in.  What is it about colonial gaming?  British in their red coats?  Native hordes?  The chance that a native contingent could actually defeat a colonial power on occasion?  Exotic lands?  Strange troop types?  All of the above?  Yes!

My gaming buddy The G Dog has been running great Sikh War events in 25/28mm for years now, using Volley and Bayonet rules and mostly Foundry figures.  (Check out his Skill Level 0 blog)  While I really like the nearly complete and affordable range of 15mm offerings for the Sikh War manufactured by Black Hat, it would be rather silly doing a Sikh War project when one exists a half  hour away.  I have looked at doing some German colonial wars (that is another blog) but that would be more of a skirmish and not a large battle project.  Of course one could do the Mahdist Rebellion or the Zulu War, but everyone does those and I like the obscure.  I have looked at the Indian Mutiny, but the encounters are mostly sieges and hence not something I want to deal with (buying a slew of buildings is not something my wallet would want to deal with either).   

So, where does that leave me?  The Anglo-Persian War, of course!  

There are two companies making 15mm figures for the period, Irregular and Khurasan.  The Irregular range is far more complete at this time, and they look to be pretty decent castings.  They are also far less expensive than the Khurasan, and probably closer to 15mm in height.  The Khurasan figures were designed to fit with the larger 15/18mm figures currently on the market.  Chances are I will not be able to use the two ranges within the same unit, but perhaps I can add a few units of the Khurasan figures to the tabletop.  As noted previously, I do like to have my figures all from the same company for consistency, but the Khurasan figures are gorgeous and just too tempting not to use in some form.

Figures list:
Manufacturer Code Description
Irregular Miniatures FIEB01 Infantry in shell jacket advancing
Irregular Miniatures FIEB02 Infantry drummer
Irregular Miniatures FIEB03 Infantry standard bearer
Irregular Miniatures FIEB04 Infantry officer
Irregular Miniatures FIEB05 Light dragoon
Irregular Miniatures FIEB06 Gun & four crew
Irregular Miniatures FIP01 Regular infantry marching
Irregular Miniatures FIP02 Regular infantry drummer
Irregular Miniatures FIP03 Regular infantry standard bearer
Irregular Miniatures FIP04 Regular infantry officer
Irregular Miniatures FIP05 Russian Guard infantry standing
Irregular Miniatures FIP06 Russian Guard infantry standard bearer
Irregular Miniatures FIP07 Russian Guard infantry officer
Irregular Miniatures FIP08 Militia infantry with mace and shield
Irregular Miniatures FIP09 Regular cavalry lancer
Irregular Miniatures FIP10 Irregular cavalry with musket
Irregular Miniatures FIP11 Kurdish mailed heavy cavalry lancer
Irregular Miniatures FIP12 Camel mounted zambuck gunner
Irregular Miniatures FIP13 Gun & four crew
Irregular Miniatures FIP14 Gholam-Tufangchis or Jazaurchis provincial infantry with very long musket with bipod stand
Khurasan Miniatures QPIA Qajar Persian artillery crew
Khurasan Miniatures QPIC Qajar Persian infantry command
Khurasan Miniatures QPIM Qajar Persian infantry march attack
Khurasan Miniatures QPIS Qajar Persian infantry skirmishing/shooting

Until I receive the source materials I have ordered, I will not know what holes there may be for figures for this conflict, particularly for the Battle of Khushab, which is the largest action of the war, seeing about 4,600 British-led forces against 5,000 Persians.

One last thought for now:  Irregular also make a few Russian infantry figures for the theater which could serve as an ally for the Persians.

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  1. It sounds like an interesting little war. I look forward to seeing how your project develops.


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