Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Project - Flags

Back to the initial reason for this blog, the Mexican-American War!

The sole Battle Flag Mexican offering
Flags?  Yes, a post on flags.  Particularly 18mm flags suitable for the units that fought at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma.  In my various searches on The Miniatures Page and Google, I have come across a couple of companies that are making flags in a specific 18mm size, Battle Flag and The Virtual Armchair General (TVAG).  I am impressed with both companies for different reasons.  The Battle Flag offerings look fantastic but they have a limited amount of flags that they are producing for the Mexican-American War.  TVAG offers an impressive six sets of flags, with each sheet having numerous flags.  These flags are not as realistic looking as the Battle Flags ones, and each sheet runs $15.00, but there are flags for nearly everything I need, including dragoons and the red-legged infantry (the artillery battalion that fought on foot).  But, to get that red-legged offering, I have to spend $15.00 and waste the rest of the sheet.  I can buy all the flag sheets from TVAG for $60.00, but I do not think I would use 10%.

TVAG US regular infantry flags
I could mix the two companies together, but that means having some really great looking flags mixed with some decent ones, so the quality would not be consistent across the tabletop.  I could also go with 15mm as there are several more companies, in addition to Battle Flag and TVAG, that cover the MexAm War in 15mm, but those overgrown but oh so lovely Eureka Miniatures I have may overshadow the smaller flags.

So, I do have some decisions to be made.  Use two companies together, go with battle Flags and hope they release more flags in the future, pay for a lot of flags I do not need with TVAG that have a lesser quality, or try to fill and al all gaps by using 15mm.  I would be interested in hearing what others gaming with the Eureka Miniatures wound up doing for their flags.

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