Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sword and Sabre - Stellar Service!

I was in the market for something different for the Napoleonic period, and was taking a hard look at the Swedish-Russian War of 1808 as a possibility.  Sword and Sabre has produced two booklets that have many scenarios for this war.  I wrote to them directly as their pricing structure was, to be honest, more economical than ordering from On Military Matters, my usual go to source for all wars obscure, and I wanted to make certain I had my conversion rates calculated correctly.  So, I ordered the two scenario booklets directly from Lars Rössle in Sweden, and the two booklets together turned out to be just a bit more than buying one booklet from OMM ($35.00 direct (including shipping) from Sweden for two booklets as opposed to $26.00 for one booklet from OMM in the United States).  Call it a quirk of the current value of the dollar!  Ordering was simple...I emailed Lars, told him what I wanted, and he sent me a PayPal invoice.  The whole transaction took just over a week, from my initial email, to payment, to receiving the books in the U.S.  I would say that is pretty top notch service!

Each book has several scenarios which include tabletop maps and orders of battle (at 1:20 figure to man ratio) and a bit about the battle itself.  The scenarios range from very small (just a few units on each side, perfect for short one on one games) to those with a few brigade equivalents for each side (which would make ideal multi-player games).

I am very happy to have bought these booklets, and to have received such excellent service from Sword and Sabre.  Their website has other supporting material, including a detailed accounting of Swedish uniforms.


  1. I have both booklets and have only done the Battle of Orvais to date. I'm thinking of running a campaign using the books and am looking forward to hearing your progress as well.

    1. I have some packs of MiniFig Swedes...I need to take a look to see if they are of the correct model uniform. If so, then I would like to match them with MiniFigs Russians. If they are not, I will probably sell the MiniFig Swedes and buy Navwar for both sides as they make figures for earlier Russians and Swedes, and they are quite cost effective as compared to MiniFigs or the larger-sized figures that are supposed to be 15mm but are really 18mm.


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