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I have a small corner shop on Wargame Vault where I sell a set of rules and flags for the Legion of the United States. The rules, entitled Our Moccasins Trickled Blood, have sold decently well over the years, and are quite affordable. One day I hope to offer a full blown version of the rules, with scenarios and maps, but it is the lack of good map-making software that has kept me from accomplishing that goal thus far.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gettysburg Soldiers - Mods for 1794

Note: You will need a copy of the Gettysburg Soldiers rules to understand my masterpiece that follows. 

Modifications for 1794 (Battle of Fallen Timbers)

1. Terrain Features – Add in OPEN WOODS.
2. Units of Battle – INFANTRY Battalions, CAVALRY squadrons, ARTILLERY sections, and LEADERS
3. INFANTRY Battalion.
4. remove DISMOUNTED
6. no change
7. no change
8. no change
9. no change
10. no change
11. no change
12. no change
13. no change
14. no change
16. no change
17. add open woods (movement is 6 inches)
18. no change
19. Wheeled vehicles may move through open woods.
20. no change
21. add Open Woods 6”
22. Infantry – Ranges are now 6” and 3” (Close Range). Add King’s Howitzers at 24” and 12” (Close Range)
23. INFANTRY MAXIMUM RANGE OF FIRE is 6 inches, and CLOSE RANGE within 3 inches gets increased effectiveness
24. Cavalry may not fire
25. Add KING’S HOWITZERS MAXIMUM RANGE OF FIRE is 24 inches, and CLOSE RANGE within 12” gets increased effectiveness
26. remove cavalry
27. remove cavalry
28. no change
29. no change
30. remove cavalry
31. no change
32. remove cavalry
33. no change
34. Leader instead of General
35. no change
36. change to single battalion of infantry and remove cavalry
37. no change
38. change general to leader, remove cavalry, remove rifled cannon fire, add King’s Howitzers fire at close range +1
39. no change
40. change general to leader, remove Rebs attacking. Add Indians attacking +2
41. no change
42. no change
43. no change
44. no change
45. no change
46. change general to leader
47. no change
48. no change
49. no change
50. change general to leader
51. no change (open woods still counts as -1)
52. remove cavalry
53. no change
54. no change
55. no longer applicable
56. no longer applicable
57. no longer applicable
58. add King’s Howitzers at close range +1
59. no change
60. no change
61. change general to leader
62. change general to leader
63. change general to leader
64. no change
65. change general to leader
66. no change
67. no change
68. change to Indians attacking +2
69. no change
70. no change
71. no change, add open woods -1
72. no change
73. no change
74. no change
75. change general to leader
76. no change
77. change general to leader
78. no change
79. no change
80. no change
81. add four inch depth into open woods conceal troops.  All skirmishers may disappear in woods.
82. no change
83. no change
84. no change
85. no change
86. change to ghost markers MAY move at the infantry rate (based on terrain restrictions)
87. no change
88. no change
89. no change
90. no change
91. no change
92. no change
93. Infantry are mounted on a ¾” wide by 1” deep stand, with four figures (two in first rank and two in rear rank). Cavalry are mounted on a 1” wide by 1” deep stand, with two figures. No need for dismounted cavalry figures. Scales have not changed…one stand is still 50 men and one inch is still 25 yards.
94. change batteries to sections, remove rifled and add King’s Howitzer. Each stand represents two guns.
95. change generals to leaders
96. no change
97. no change
98. no change
99. no change
100. no longer applicable

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