Friday, January 22, 2016

Thoroughbred Figures Martello Tower

Picture courtesy of Thoroughbred Figures
As evidenced in previous posts on my Ambushed in the Alley blog, I have some crackin' good terrain for Middle Eastern/North Africa scenarios, mostly from the now defunct Deimos Design Studio, The Terrain Guy (also defunct), and custom buildings from a great chap in Florida (a hotel, mosque, and shanties, along with some battlefield debris).  But I also, as mentioned in my last post, have a hankering to take Force on Force back to the early 1800's and use the rules (or the newer version of Ambush Alley when it is released) for some Barbary Coast actions.  I was looking through the Thoroughbred Figures Sea Eagles range again recently, when I noticed that they make a Martello Tower.  This looked like it could be the signature piece for my 1800's tabletop, taking the place of the hotel that could be used for a modern setting.  To that end I sent an email to Thoroughbred's owner Toby Barrett to ask him if the tower had a lift off roof and floors within.  He informed me that the newer versions of the tower are one solid hollow piece, but Toby still had a pre-production tower he was willing to sell me that actually had a separate top and base from the main tower structure.  Perfect!  This would allow placement of figures within the tower, and if I get around to it, I may even scratch-build a second floor inside.

The baggie of parts and crew
The tower comes with a baggie of parts and crew.  This consists of a set of exterior stairs that have connecting pegs for proper alignment with the landing and the tower, an 18 pounder gun with a pivot for the barbette on the tower top, artillery balls, roof hatches, and a mixed gun crew from the TB02 Naval Gunners pack that would be suitable for any European or American power.  Toby, knowing that I was working on a Barbary Coast project, was kind enough to include a sample pack of Tripoli Pirates (TB01T) that include suitable crew, allowing me to use the tower for either side.

Tabs on the tower roof match with the tower, keeping the roof in place
The resin is of very high quality, no chalky feel, very few bubble spots.  The figures and gun of course are of great detail, perfect animation, and very cleanly cast, keeping with Thoroughbred's ongoing reputation for quality gaming pieces first established in their 1/600 American Civil War range.  The pieces that need assembly fit together perfectly.

Two more shots showing the stairs and barbette gun, assembled without glue to illustrate their perfectly aligned fit.  I may keep the gun assembly as a loose piece as it will rotate around the barbette with relative ease.

Stairs in place, aligned into perfect place with tabs on the steps and the landing

Barbette gun in place

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