Friday, January 22, 2016

Force on Force for the Barbary Coast

Photo from Thoroughbred Figures' website
For some time now I have owned a few of the excellent 15mm figures from Thoroughbred Figures for the early 1800s, specifically a couple of packs of U.S. Marines (Code TB03) and three packs of Tripoli Pirates (Code TB01T).  These are finely detailed, well animated, and cleanly cast figures for the War of 1812 period.  The U.S. Marines would not be suitable for William Eaton's expedition against Derna (Derne) in 1805, but would be perfect for later brew ups against the North African nations into 1815.  They measure about 14M on the Barrett Scale (developed by Thoroughbred's owner, Toby Barrett), meaning they are about 14mm from sole to eye and are of medium heft or build.  There are also British and Marines and crew, and several smaller ships and boats within this range (called Sea Eagles). 

As I already have some excellent 15mm North African/Arab terrain, I thought that using these figures within a Force on Force setting would be ideal.  

The Marines would be attired as indicated in this uniform plate, although I would probably go a shade darker on the coats.

U.S. Marines - Photo from Thoroughbred

Some basic ratings could be as follows:

Prelim thoughts on using FonF for the early 1800s.

US Marines
Quality - D8-D10
Morale - D8
1D per figure firing.

Barbary Coast Dudes
Quality - D6-D8
Morale - D6-D10
1D per every two figures firing, fires only at optimum range.  Gains an extra melee die for use of pistols, knives, pikes/spears, and swords.

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