Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Dade Battle - First Steps

Well, after many years of contemplating a Second Seminole War project, I have "pulled the trigger" and ordered up a batch (and a bunch) of the FreiKorps 15 figures for the period.  I say a bunch, because while the Dade Battle was small in size, I have decided to go 1:1 in figure to actual combatant scale, which means painting up nearly three hundred figures, along with a six-pound gun and limber, which for me is quite an undertaking!  This is the list of packs I have on the way:

Code   Description
SM01  Seminole Warriors (includes escaped slaves) – 23 packs
SM02  Seminole Command – 1 pack
SM03  Early US Regular Infantry, Jacket, Advancing – 7 packs
SM04  Early US Regular Infantry, Shirt, Charging – 7 packs
SM05  Early US Regular Infantry Command – 2 packs
SM10  Early US Artillery Crew – 1 pack
SM11  6pdr Gun – 1 pack
SM12  US Limber, 6 Horse Team and Two Men – 1 pack
SM15  US Mounted Colonels – 1 pack

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