Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Dade Battle - First Steps

Well, after many years of contemplating a Second Seminole War project, I have "pulled the trigger" and ordered up a batch (and a bunch) of the FreiKorps 15 figures for the period.  I say a bunch, because while the Dade Battle was small in size, I have decided to go 1:1 in figure to actual combatant scale, which means painting up nearly three hundred figures, along with a six-pound gun and limber, which for me is quite an undertaking!  This is the list of packs I have on the way:

Code   Description
SM01  Seminole Warriors (includes escaped slaves) – 23 packs
SM02  Seminole Command – 1 pack
SM03  Early US Regular Infantry, Jacket, Advancing – 7 packs
SM04  Early US Regular Infantry, Shirt, Charging – 7 packs
SM05  Early US Regular Infantry Command – 2 packs
SM10  Early US Artillery Crew – 1 pack
SM11  6pdr Gun – 1 pack
SM12  US Limber, 6 Horse Team and Two Men – 1 pack
SM15  US Mounted Colonels – 1 pack

For mounting the figures, for the Seminoles I plan on using the Litko horde movement trays, and for the U.S. forces the Litko rank movement trays, both styles with 20mm circles as I will be using pennies to mount the figures, seeing as I have plenty of pennies lying about, and the figures need a nice weighty base to keep them in place on the movement tray.  While the Seminoles did not operate like a horde, their irregular formations should be well represented by the horde tray.

For rules, I have some rough ideas, but nothing set.  Brother Against Brother might be a good choice, as players can run a few small groups of figures without getting bogged down (no pun intended) with too much minutia.  There is also Eric Burgess's Seminole Wars, which look interesting, but very card driven, which can mean that one player is active while the others are waiting around to get into the game.  I would be interested in hearing suggestions about rules from folks who have read this particular post.
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