Friday, April 24, 2015

The Project - Buildings Redux

In a previous post I had mentioned the possibility of buying a few buildings from Musket Miniatures as they make a small range of Mexican village type structures.  TMP (The Miniatures Page) member SmokeyRoan reached out to me about some commission work and offered to build a nice set of buildings to my taste (small footprint but still scaled with the figures).  A few messages later, he has completed a fine looking group of buildings.  I just couldn't wait to receive the buildings before posting these progress pictures Smokey sent to me.

I will wait before making an official recommendation on Smokey's buildings, but based on the feedback from others on TMP, the communication between us, and these pictures, I am certain I will be more than pleased with the final result!  Regardless, I will not be needing to purchase any buildings from Musket.

If you need your own buildings custom built, you can easily find Smokey on TMP.

The Church

Village homes and a cantina

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