Friday, April 10, 2015

The Project - Bases and Buildings

Eureka American standard bearer, drummer, officer, and NCO
Well, as noted in my last post, I need bases!  I used to use sheet styrene for my figure bases as most hobby shops carry stock, and buying the tile version allows easy scoring with an X-acto knife, giving perfect bases for minimal cost, but lately I have been using bases from Litko for my skirmish gaming, and really like the feel and look of their plywood offerings.  Regimental Fire and Fury calls for bases of one inch in width, but trying to mount three Eureka infantry figures on a one inch wide base just won't cut it.  So, I will be using three figures on a 1.25" wide by .75" deep base, four on a command stand.  The command stand will look something like the picture, although I have enough standard bearers to place two on each command stand, giving the American infantry both a national and a regimental flag (I can just mix the NCO figure in with the base infantry stands).  The command stand will definitely pop out on the game table, by having a flag (or two) and by the number of figures each infantry command stand will have.

Picture from Musket Miniatures website
When it comes to buildings I really need none for either Palo Alto or Reseca de la Palma, but it will be good to have a few buildings on hand for future battles or just to add a bit of something to the table.  To that end I believe I will be using Musket Miniatures 15mm Mexican buildings.  I had considered using HO (1/72nd scale) buildings as they would be closer to the 18mm Eureka figure scale, but I like the smaller footprint a 15mm building will have.  Musket offers a small handful of what I consider to be village or outlying buildings, as evidenced by the picture.  These will be great to use simply as visual fluff, or outlying buildings for places like Monterrey.

Picture from Hovels website
There are also a few other companies making buildings that would be suitable.  Just about any middle eastern village building would probably be suitable for rural Mexico, and perhaps adding in some Spanish inspired buildings would add to more of a town or city flavor.  Hovels happens to make both Spanish and middle eastern buildings.  I've ordered from Hovels before and they offer decent shipping times and not outrageous shipping costs for orders coming to the States.  And they sell a very neat fountain, the center of any small Mexican village (other than the church of course).

SmokeyRoan from TMP has offered to make a handful of buildings for me, so I am going to go that route for now.  I have seen pictures of his work, and read favorable comments about same, so I am looking forward to seeing his very reasonable offerings.


  1. A minor quibble . . . HO scale is 1/87 which is perfect for 18mm figures and skirmish games.

    1. That is a good quibble and of course you are quite right, but I want buildings with a smaller footprint so as to not be a hindrance on the gaming table, hence my 15mm direction. If I were doing skirmish gaming, then I would be going for properly scaled buildings, but since I am doing tactical battles, the buildings are more representative of a built up area than an individual building.


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