Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

For those who may know me from The Miniatures Page or my other blogs (Gaming the German Colonial Wars, Ohio at Perryville, Gaming the Forgotten War, and Ambushed in the Alley), you may know that I am a native Ohioan.  And being a native Ohioan, if there is an Ohio presence in whatever I may be reading or gaming, there is a chance I might find a way to represent an Ohio unit on the gaming table.  For the Mexican War, this can be achieved with the Battle of Monterrey, in which the 1st Ohio Volunteer Infantry was present with 524 men.  This regiment was by far the most involved (in terms of combat) of all the Ohio units serving in the war, and had companies recruited in Portsmouth, Dayton, Lower Sandusky, and Cincinnati, being organized at Camp Washington near Cincinnati.  Company H, one of six companies raised near Cincinnati, was primarily a German company.  There are a few names on the rolls that will become more known due to their later service during the Civil War, including Ferdinand Vandeveer.  The regiment also saw action at Ceralvo in March, 1847.  The regiment was mustered out at New Orleans in June, 1847.  At Monterrey the Buckeyes were part of Butler's Division that assaulted the northeastern part of the city, being moved in when the initial thrust was in danger of falling apart.  At Monterrey they had several killed and wounded.

Uniforms for the 1st Ohio would have consisted of a dark blue jacket, with cuffs having loops of white tape trim.  The jacket would have had nine buttons and shoulder boards (tabs).  Pants were the light blue worn by the Regulars.  Officers had silver embroidered badges on their forage caps.  In all other aspects they would have been outfitted like the Regulars.

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